Upgrading to Spectrum Spatial Analyst 12.2

Use the following steps to upgrade to Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) 12.2:
  • Review release notes for SSA and Spectrum here for details on upgrade paths:
  • Assess the server resources before upgrading as insufficient system resources can cause upgrade issues. Spectrum needs minimum 16 GB and SSA 3 GB and enough free hard-disk space. More details can be found in these links:
  • Before upgrading it's strongly recommended to take a backup of the Spectrum configuration database. For Spectrum versions 11.1 and older backup the contents of C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\Spectrum\server\app\repository\store. More information can be found in these links:
For Spectrum version 12 backup contents of C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\Spectrum\repository\data\databases\graph.db. Also refer the docs here -
Spectrum 12 backup details
Spectrum 12 server backup command
  • A backup of the SSA repository is also recommended:
Option 1:
Create access to Spectrum repository via WebDav or WinSCP you can find more details in the SSA troubleshooting guide.
In this document take a look at chapter “Adding a network location to view the Spatial Repository in Windows”
Once the repository can be viewed via Windows explorer it’s a matter of zipping up a backup copy and copying to a backup location.
Option 2:
Install the Spectrum Admin Utility and use command “lim repo export”
Version 11.1 -   lim repo command
Version 12 - lim repo command
  • If this is a production system then it's strongly recommended to take a snapshot of the server in case a rollback is needed in the event of errors with the upgrade.
  • If the folder C:\Backup_CustomerConfigs already exists, delete it. This folder is created with every upgrade of SSA and we want to ensure the remnant folder from previous upgrade doesn't interfere with current upgrade.
  • Go to Windows > Administrative Tools > Services. Check the 'Log On As' setting used for the service 'Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform'. If it is anything other than 'LocalSystem' note it down. This will need to be applied back once upgrade completes.
  • Open file Spectrum Spatial Analyst Install Path\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\customerconfigurations\_global_\ in a text editor. Note down the value for anonymousUsername and anonymousPassword. Enter the same values when asked during SSA upgrade.
  • Access the Spectrum Management Console, “Export” the license:
In a web browser go to http://server:port/managementconsole
  1.  Log in with your credentials.
  2.  Click System > Licensing and Expiration.
  3.  Click the export icon
and save the Spectrum.lic file. This will be useful if you need to reapply the license after the upgrade.
  • Stop all Spectrum and SSA services.
Run the Spectrum 12.2 install.exe to upgrade Spectrum first. Once the upgrade completes, allow the Spectrum service to fully start up (This can take 10-15 mins - wait till the system tray icon for Spectrum shows green dot).
Ensure the Spectrum home page and the Spectrum Spatial manager can be accessed successfully.
  • Run the SSA 12.2 installer to upgrade SSA. Once the installer completes check if the SSA services are running – Locator, Admin, Connect
Download, and install, the new Map Uploader from the SSA admin console homepage and register the Map Uploader tool in MapInfo.
Environment Details
Products affected: Spectrum ® and Spectrum Spatial Analyst
UPDATED:  December 14, 2018