Resolve CONFIRM Street Works - Authority Imposed Variations - 'tick box' not being available on the permit condition

Product Feature: Street Works

When transmitting an Authority Imposed Variation (AIV) Permit on a Utility using CONFIRM, the Permit Condition (NCT) 'tick box' is not available, hence the required Conditions cannot be imposed upon the Permit, unless the Utility responds and submits a Works Data Variation (WIP) Permit which is optional. Can this screen be added to the Street Works wizard?

This cannot be added because ActivityConditions are not applicable for Authority Imposed Variation notice. 

Refer to section 5.2.17 Direction and Permit Responses in the EToN Spec, it clearly says that:
ActivityConditions:    Only applicable, and optional, when refusing PAAs / Permits / Permit Variations or making Modification Requests for Permits / Permit Variations (NotificationType values 1613 and 1614).

As we know, Utilities are not obliged to submit Works Data Variation Permits (WDV) following an AIV. If they choose not to do so, then any Imposed Conditions unfortunately will not be recorded when producing the KPI 2 Permit Condition Report.  there is little we can do about this, as WDV following AIVs are non-mandatory.
UPDATED:  November 9, 2017