How to Capture Logs and Debugging Logs for ConfirmWorkzone

Products affected: Confirm®, ConfirmWorkzone™
In ConfirmWorkzone™ please could you go through a replication of your issue(s) at your end, however do the following in order to capture the session's information:

1. Immediately when finished, please make a copy of the Workzone log files. These are in the location set the ConfirmWorkzone Settings screen in the Confirm® client application. Note the exact start/finish times for each round of testing to help you identify the section of the log files in which you will be interested.

2. Please capture debugging information during each round of testing as follows: 

In Google Chrome go to the 'Performance' tab in the Developer Tools window (F12), you can record information about the browser's interactions by hitting the 'Record' button. Press this before the testing commences.

If you go to the 'Network' tab, you can also see all network interactions, which is pretty much a summary of all transfers between the browser and the web service. Please record this too.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the same, but the 'Performance' tab is called 'Profiler' instead.
UPDATED:  May 8, 2018