How to identify the actual start and end time of an operation in Portrait Dialogue

To track the execution time of an operation, Portrait Dialogue records Start time and End time of an operation when it is executed.

There are two ways to get the Start and End time of an operation.
  • Visual Dialog
a. Open the dialog and navigate to 'Execute tab'
b. Click on the Operation Log to view the operation 'Run' history.



Note: Operations log in Visual Dialog will only show the 'Started Time', 'Duration' etc. It will not give the Operation 'end time'.
  • Portrait System Database:
a.Open the database and navigate to 'DLG_OPERATION_LOG' table.
b.The 'DOL_OPR_START_DATETIME' and 'DOL_OPR_END_DATETIME' fields contain the Start and End time of an Operation. (Following screenshot is taken from SQL Server database)


Note: The above time is from COM+ (Component Services) perspective. The actual time taken by an operation to on the database may differ. Portrait Dialogue do not
offer any functionality to get the actual execution time of an operation on Database.
UPDATED:  November 14, 2017