How do you make a Mixed NDC pallet when presorting Package Services Machinable Parcels using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Parameters
Operating System: All Platforms

If this is your presort: 
ML TYP 4 M B - Package Services, Machinable Parcel, Bound Printed Matter
ALG PL P         - Palletize by Bundle (P)
The DMM does not allow bundles on Mixed NDC pallets:
Per DMM 705.8.5.1-
“8.5.1 Presort
Pallet sortation is generally…………..Except as described in 15.1.3g, bundles must not be placed on mixed ADC or mixed NDC pallets. Bundles that cannot be placed on pallets must be prepared in sacks under the standards for the price claimed. The standards for bundle reallocation to protect the SCF, ADC, or NDC pallet (8.11, 8.13, and 8.14) are optional methods of pallet preparation designed to retain as much mail as possible at the SCF, ADC, or NDC level……..”
As it says above ‘bundles must not be placed on Mixed ADC or mixed NDC pallets’.
So, the USPS does not allow the Mixed NDC pallet level when you are presorting by bundle.  If you do not have enough pieces for the other pallet levels, the pieces will be placed into sacks. 

You would have to change the presort to Pallet by sack to produce the Mixed NDC pallet level.
ALG PL B - Palletize by sack/tray (B)
This DMM rule is current as of Nov. 2017
UPDATED:  November 14, 2017