Assigning a product to a shared cost account list in Cost Accounting

Products affected: Cost Accounting

Assigning a product to a shared cost account list

Follow these steps to associate a product to your cost account list.

Unassigned product tiles have a light gray border.

  1. Navigate to the Selected Products screen.
  2. Click the product you want to use your shared cost account list.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
  4. Select one of the options in the Add Cost Accounts dialog box. More information...
    • Add my selected product’s cost account to the shared cost account list
    • Discard my product's cost account list
  5. If you selected Add, you must select an option for handling duplicates.
    • Update the shared cost account (any updates that create duplicate account names or codes will be ignored)
    • Don’t update the shared cost account
  6. At any time, you may export either your product’s current cost account list or the shared cost account list by clicking Save a Backup.
  7. Click on Export a Preview to see what your new shared account list will look like after you’ve added your product. A file will be downloaded for viewing.
  8. Click on Finish to finalize the shared cost account list and to complete the assignment of your product.
  9. Click on Close or Cancel at any time to exit and to leave your product unassigned and your account lists unaffected.

Assigned product tiles have a heavy blue border and a green check icon.

IMPORTANT: Confirm with the product owner that this action will remove the cost account list that is currently used by the product.

Your past transactions on the device are safe and will not be removed with this action. To view all past transactions that may not have a valid cost account after this action, select "All Accounts" in the reporting tool.


UPDATED:  March 29, 2018