How to improve the quality of the dxf import in Paramics network

UPDATED: November 17, 2017

In case the DXF contain shapes, these are typically turn arrows, the north arrow, and other predefined images, on converting these into polylines the image will read fine.

Further, ensure that DXF files should:
  • not contain any unnecessary layers,
  • not contain any blocks,
  • be plain with no annotation or special 'non-ascii' characters,
  • not include data from any AutoCAD extras/plugins,
  • only contain lines, polylines and have no cloned objects.
Also, convert the DXF model into different formats before then converting back into DXF format or the 'Paramics PMX' format. The conversion process (normally using 3D Studio Max) tends to strip out any extras and leave the bare bones 3D.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Modeller


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