Understanding why URLs to open EngageOne Interactive Editor for specific WorkflowItemID are redirected to home page

Product Feature: Interactive Editor (ActiveX)
Versions affected: 4.x
The user wants to open an editable interactive document from within a web page. This is attempted by opening a URL of the pattern http://localhost.eo.local:8090/client/apps/interactive/#/communication/29204/home-communications where 29204 is the WokflowItemId. For some reason this URL keeps redirecting to http://localhost.eo.local:8090/client/apps/interactive/#/home.

EngageOne® redirects to the home page because the user trying to open the URL is not properly authenticated in OpenAM. Once anyone is properly authenticated by logging in, the web browser keeps that information in a cookie and allows opening additional tabs where it is possible to work and edit an existing document. This is a feature of EO 4.x, where OpenAM was introduced.  EngageOne does not permit anyone to open a direct link to the document without prior authentication as it would be a severe breach of security requirements.
UPDATED:  July 23, 2018