How to refresh a CODE-1 Plus perpetual license in CICS

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
Operating System: z/OS, CICS

The perpetual license for CODE-1 Plus automatically rolls over when a batch job is submitted.  For example, if the license expiration date is listed as 10/31/17, that date will automatically be updated to 10/31/18.  If CODE-1 Plus is only used in a CICS environment, that date will not be updated until a batch job is submitted, for example, the IVPFILE JCL in the INSTALL.JCL library which is the install verification job that is provided with CODE-1 Plus,  If this job (or any other CODE-1 Plus batch job) is submitted, the license expiration date will be updated.

If is not possible to submit a batch job, please call Technical Support and request a refreshed copy of your license.  Once that new license is installed, the license expiration date will be updated.
UPDATED:  December 12, 2017