Information on which version of MailStream Plus will support the January 2018 USPS rate changes, (and common issues)

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: USPS / Postal
Operating System: All Platforms

MailStream Plus version 8.3.5 will support the USPS presort changes that goes into effect January 21, 2018 including the rate changes.
Common issues that MSP 8.3.5 users are encountering:
MSRPMD00 started. Comp 11072017 at 154600. Gen 11072017 at 153554. R08.3M05 F01.                                       
35 File not found.                                                                                                      
COBOL FILE STATUS=35 FILE=MSMDRMR  FUNCT=OPEN       EXT FILE NM=MSMDRMR                                                
MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.   
This is resolved by adding the new MSMDRMR and MSMDRMS dd statements to any job that has the REPORT MAILDAT present.
                                        1099: Unknown Parameter ALG PK
This is resolved by renaming obsolete parameters to the current naming conventions:
Deleted parameters: 
In a previous release, we changed the names of certain parameters, listed below.
• ALG PK - Replaced by ALG BL
• BMC PT - Replaced by NDC PT
• BMC SQ - Replaced by NDC SQ
• FRM PK - Replaced by FRM BL
• POSTPK - Replaced by POSTBL
• PK MAX - Replaced by BL MAX
• PK FRC - Replaced by BL FRC
• PP FRC - Replaced by PB FRC
• PP MAX - Replaced by PB MAX

Postage statements getting truncated or wrapping.  Yes, some of them are printing wider now.  Suggestions are to print in landscape mode and/or use legal-size paper and/or use smaller font.  If submitting to USPS, users should get their input/approval for the new way the users are printing them. 

Note: on IBMi, a user was able to change the print font size using this command-

Please review the software changes that will be on the MailStream Plus version 8.3.5 Release notes to find what is included in this release.
These was made available in mid-December 2017. 
UPDATED:  February 13, 2018