MailStream Plus - is it possible to add Resident to the presorted Name Address output file?

Product Feature: Parameters
Operating System: ALL Platforms

[Q] Is it possible to add RESIDENT address information to the presorted Name-Address output file?
[A] No, the address information has to be on the input file prior to the MailStream Plus presort process. The POSTXX parameters are used to post presort process information ONLY.
POSTEI Post Entry Point Information 12-14
POSTBI Post Batch Code Information 8-10
POSTLI Post Pallet Number 8-10
POSTLI Post Pallet IMB Number (only when creating Shipping Services file) 16-18
POSTCI Post Container Number 8-10
POSTCI Post Container IMB Number (only when creating Shipping Services file) 16-18
POSTPI Post Bundle Number 8-10
POSTRI Post Final Sort Sequence Number 12-14
POSTMD 39-byte Mail.dat single piece information 8-10
POSTRC Location to post the Pricing Tier Indicator 16-18
 POSTRC Location to post the Full Service Eligibility flag 60-62
UPDATED:  November 29, 2017