Learn causes for failure of Spectrum Spatial Analyst AdminConsole page

I) Spectrum Spatial Analyst AdminConsole page not working
Previously functioning SSA admin console suddenly stopped working. Check the following:

1) Is the Service "PitneyBowes AnalystAdmin" running? This can be seen via Windows Administrative Tasks -> Services
If the service has stopped for some reason, simply start it.

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2) Is there a valid Spectrum license?
If the LI module expiry date has passed, the SSA Admin console login will fail stating 'Incorrect password'
Open Spectrum Management Console (http://yourServerName:8080/managementconsole). Go to System->Licensing and Expiration. Search for LI module and verify expiration date.
If license has expired, use the 'Export' button on same page to export the license and send to Pitney Bowes, requesting a new license.

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3) Is the correct password being used for the 'admin' user?

4) Is the admin account locked?
Spectrum locks the user after certain number of incorrect login attempts.
Try the same password and admin login in the Spectrum Spatial manager. Does it fail there too? Does the Spectrum wrapper log have a message about account being locked?
If yes, unlock the account as per instructions here

II) Spectrum Spatial Analyst AdminConsole page not working after upgrade
Upgrade completes well but SSA admin console does not work anymore. Try these steps:

1) What is the version of SSA and Spectrum platform used for the upgrade? Are they compatible?
The SSA release notes always mentions the Spectrum platform version that needs to be used.
Despite using correct versions, the machine might still have the older SSA which is incompatible with the now upgraded Spectrum platform, if the SSA part of upgrade failed.
The versions present on your installation can be checked by going to Windows->Control Panel->Programs and reviewing the version in the list.
If incompatible versions are found, you can rollback to the server to the snapshot prior to upgrade.
If no Windows snapshot was taken, an uninstall and reinstall of SSA will be needed. In this scenario, take a backup of "customerconfigurations" folder. Most of the config files can be restored after the reinstall, thus reducing the loss of data.

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2) Clear browser cache
This resolves any issues due to old cached data.

3) Delete the AnalystAdmin folder under webapps
This folder is rebuilt using the adminconsole.war file, when the admin console service is started.
***Important: Do not delete the .war file, just the folder

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- Take a backup of the adminconsole folder Typically the folder location is - C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\Tomcat7\AnalystAdmin\webapps\adminconsole
- Stop AnalystAdmin service
- Delete adminconsole folder (C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\Tomcat7\AnalystAdmin\webapps\adminconsole )
- Start AnalystAdmin service

4) If none of these work, contact PB Software support team and provide logs from here - C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\Tomcat7\AnalystAdmin\logs
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UPDATED:  December 4, 2017