Reasons for Labels failing to appear in Spectrum Spatial Analyst map

Following are the reasons for Labels failing to appear in Spectrum Spatial Analyst map:
  1. SSA v12.0 had a bug.
    Consider a map with many layers. SSA connect page loads with this map, but the map is set to be 'initially not visible'. Then the user switches ON only one of the layers (instead of ticking the entire map ON). Notice that labels are missing. This is fixed in Spectrum v12.1 and further releases.
  2. In Spectrum v12.1 and earlier, if a map has the same layer added twice labels don't seem to work. i.e In MapInfo user has added the same tab file twice into the workspace and then uploaded into SSA it seems to affect labels.
  3. Some label setting in MapInfo are not supported in SSA v12.2.1 and earlier
  • Curved labels are not supported. Release notes state this.
  • For Label expression, "Functions" are not supported and Map Uploader gives a warning.
  • Applying "Try other positions" for map labels in MapInfo causes SSA labels to fail sometimes.
Engineers are working on supporting these features in the upcoming release of SSA.

If none of above, check the browser developer window (opened by F12 key on the browser) for SSA mobile page. In case of any errors, send the complete information to the Pitney Bowes Software Support for further investigation.
Environment Details
Product Affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst
Product Feature: Labels
UPDATED:  August 13, 2018