How to troubleshoot issues with map layers in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Map has been added in SSA admin console but fails to show in SSA connect page. There can be varied reasons for a map layer to fail in SSA. This article aims to provide troubleshooting guidance for problem identification. Start troubleshooting with these steps:

1) Check how these maps behave in the Spatial manager user interface
Open Spatial Manager in a browser - http://yourServerName:8080/SpatialServerManager
Search the Spatial repository for the map name that is not loading in SSA
Verify the map preview and table data. Usually an error message will be displayed which indicates the issue. For example, 'broken reference' or 'file not found', etc
Check the 'Connection' used for these maps. Test the connection entry to verify access is ok.

2) Switch the browser development window ON (hit F12 key on a browser page)
Review the error messages shown under 'Console' and 'Network' tabs

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3) Check for invalid geometries in the map data
Download the Geometry Validator from your Spectrum homepage http://YourServerName:8080/dcg/#spatial
This tool can be used on tab files to identify presence of invalid geometries that SSA cannot handle.
Documentation for the tool is here - Geometry Validator docs

4) Check logs
Review the entries in Spectrum wrapper log and SSA connect logs. Search for error messages and warnings.

5) Review license
SSA needs the Location Intelligence module to be functional. If your license has expired for LIM, SSA connect page will not show the business maps. Open Spectrum Management Console (http://yourServerName:8080/managementconsole). Go to System->Licensing and Expiration. Search for LI module and verify
expiration date. If license has expired, use the 'Export' button on same page to export the license and send to Pitney Bowes, requesting a new license.
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UPDATED:  December 5, 2017