How to post the bundle sequence number within a bundle using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Parameters
Operating System: All Platforms

Does MailStream Plus have a POSTxx parameter that will post the bundle sequence number within a bundle?
For example if bundle 1 has 20 pieces, the first piece will receive the value 1 and the next piece, 2, etc, until you reach 20.
No, MailStream Plus offers the POSTPI position 8 – 10 bundle number that will post the bundle number.  But all records within that bundle will receive the same bundle number.

You can use the POSTRI position 12 – 14 or CONTRL position 8 – 10 to post the output sequence number within output (MSNAON) file. 
This will allow you to follow the sequence number of the pieces within a bundle. 
UPDATED:  December 4, 2017