How to understand Cost Code Segregation in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Finance and Budgets
There is a Cost Code Segregation setting on the Site System settings (Site System Defaults screen). Check Enable Cost Code Segreagation to allow Cost Code segregation by Contract Area (and therefore by Work Group). With segregation enabled the system can be set up so that users see only the Cost Codes relevant to them. This is not enabled by default.

Site System Defaults screen

With Cost Code Segregation enabled users cannot change the Contract Area on the Cost Code screen. It will be greyed out.

Cost Code screen

The Budget Code field may also be greyed out The Budget Code can't be changed if the current Cost Code is the Budget Code for other Cost Codes.

To test Cost Code Segregation enable it with Contract Areas having been set against particular Cost Codes. For example test this with two users, one in a Work Group which includes a particular Contract Area that has been set against a Cost Code, the other in a Work Group which does not. You should only be able to select that particular Cost Code (e.g when raising a Job) as the first user.
UPDATED:  December 20, 2017