MapInfo Pro – Important Details about Bing content

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

As per the license agreement, the Microsoft Bing™ image content in MapInfo Pro will cease to be available
after 31st December, 2017 without the appropriate patch applied.

To resolve this issue, Pitney Bowes has distributed an update to Customers with a valid maintenance agreement,
allowing them to access the patch that will extend usage of Microsoft Bing™ content within MapInfo Pro through 2018.
If MapInfo Pro users have not received this update and have a valid maintenance contract, they should contact
Client Services or Technical Support (via contact details here) and the Pitney Bowes team will be happy to assist.
Because it must be verified that the user is on maintenance for MapInfo Pro, they must contact Tech Support directly who will verify
that the user account is on maintenance and entitled to receive the Bing patch.
This is why the patch cannot be attached to this document.

From the Bing Patch Release Notes:
     The Microsoft Bingimagery in MapInfo Pro 10.5.3 11.0.x, 11.5.x, 12.0.x, 12.5.x, 15.x and 16.x will
no longer function after December 31, 2017. All maintenance customers can apply the Bing Service
Update to continue to use the Microsoft Bing
imagery until the end of 2018. This update will allow
our maintenance customers to continue to use the Microsoft Bing
imagery functionality until
December 31, 2018.
     To install this update, MapInfo Pro or Runtime 10.5.3, 11.0.x, 11.5.x, 12.0.x, 12.5.x, 15.x or 16.x
must be installed on your computer. If 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the product are on a machine,
then this utility extends the Bing license for both versions.
     MapInfo Pro 10.5.3, 11.0.x, 11.5.x, 12.0.x, or 15.x users who did not get their Bing licenses
extended until December 31, 2017 by using the previous version of the Bing Licensing
Update Utility can extend their Bing licenses by installing this version of the utility



UPDATED:  October 29, 2018