Engageone Designer capabilities to integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Product Feature: Work Center

Does Engageone® Designer have any capabilities to integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)?

Currently the way customers use TFS  is for storage/repository of backup files (dbk, zip, hip, etc.). 

For code management, third party software like TFS has no way to track code changes because everything happens inside SQL server repository. Objects in Designer (publication, document, active content, etc.) don't translate as physical files (transparent to developers) that can be seen in local drive and be monitored for any modification.

Backups of each repository via Repository Configuration Tool and check-in to TFS for storage. The only time to check-out a backup from TFS is if we needed to revert any changes for a repository.

HIP publishing can only be done via Designer or command line which also utilizes PB executables, but any third party software will not be able to do this.

Important Note:   Before creating backups for storage in TFS, the backup operator must make sure that all users log out of the Designer environment. Reports of missing items after restoration from TFS has been reported. Although the exact cause has not been determined, we can only speculate that the reason for this, is because the publications was not saved properly, a backup was performed, and not all items belonging to the repository were included in the backup. A pop-up dialogue warns the backup operator of existing user connections at the time of the backup. It is advised to insure that all users save their current work and log out of the environment before continuing with the backup to prevent these types of issues.

Designer does have some capabilities of version control.  

Creating and applying labels extends the ability to rollback to prior versions as well – allowing a designer to Branch from a version label to a new Project strand taking all associated objects of the prior version to the new Project strand.

You can see all activity of objects with a right-click on an object, and the View/History interface that produces a timeline of all Publishing, Labels, Snapshots and more. Each Publishing action also creates a roll back point – when Publishing is executed through the Publishing Wizard.

Beginning with Engageone Designer/Generate 6.6.4. – vast improvements are made on the Designer performance for working within Publications, Saving, and Publishing.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2018