Using concatenation with double quotes in a Data Source SQL in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product features: Data Sources / Scheduled Reports / Reports
How to get concatenation working with double quotes in Data Source SQL in Confirm® for example this works ok:

'*' || central_enquiry.enquiry_desc || '*'

...but when you use double quotes:

'"' || central_enquiry.enquiry_desc || '"' can OK the SQL window successfully, but when retrieving the data you get the error message:

Line 1: Column (x): incorrect syntax.

You want to save the Data Source result in comma separated value (csv) format and you think a text field may create problem because it has a comma in it.

Simply save the data results from the Data Source in csv format and Confirm will automatically add quotes if there is a comma (,) contained in the column value. 

There is no need to add quotes in your Data Source query as Confirm already takes care of it.
UPDATED:  October 22, 2018