OfficeMail - different types of LDAP

FULL LDAP, it imports organization unit as departments, and then he set up users and roles. It depends on Group Settings. Other items are not imported.

FULL LDAP by user is similar. It is configured to set user with roles and department he belong to, ant it sets them equally.

PARTIAL LDAP works in a different way, it imports only users to OfficeMail, and then it verify it while logging. But all other items are set within OfficeMail, not in Active Directory. 

FULL LDAP and FULL LDAP by user imports users to OfficeMail, their position and roles in system depends on settings in Active Directory. 

All veryfying process, is within Active Directory, but any of these three options won't import such items as routers. 
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UPDATED:  January 29, 2018