Officemail v4 and SSO (Relay)

Q: For whom was this developed?
A: This features has been developed for Relay Communication hub.

Q: Is this a kind of standard SSO methodology for every country or specific to some region
A: it is based on standard SSO methodology. Pitney Bowes is using OKTA (It is 3rd party software) for SSO and on top of OKTA, Pitney Bowes SaaS team written some API which can be hook from any PB software’s to manage SSO. For now it is only for USA based customer’s because we have OKTA/GUAM authentication in USA only.

Q: What does the customer need (3rd party software) to use this feature
A: Customer does not need to installed any software.

Q: Another third party software / contract
A: you can contact <> to have more information on OKTA SSO.

Q: Where do I get more details about the OKTA configuration parameters within OFMA and their meaning
A: SaaS API is integrated with OFMA for password sync with OKTA. OFMA has three configuration parameter

URL : you can point QA/DEV/Production URL
API and Secret keys : these keys works as a user name and password to hit SaaS API. Relay hub already white list these keys for DEV/QA/Production environment.
Enable Okta Authentication : Value of this field can be true or false.  If value is set to true means, user password will sync if it is out of sync with OKTA password. 

Just to be clear, the SSO we are talking about here is for PB Commerce Cloud Applications only. This is not Federation with clients LDAP or any other ID provider type of SSO functionality.
Think of it as Google account, where once you sign into let’s say Gmail, you don’t have to sign in again to user other Google apps like Docs, Photos, etc. in an active session. Similarly, for example, if you log into Relay, you don’t have to sign in again to use SendPro.
Environment Details
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UPDATED:  January 29, 2018