How to match the CSM-1006 and CSM-1101 field code values using MailStream Plus

Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!
Operating System: All Platforms

Is there a way to make sure the mail.dat field codes CSM-1006, Container ID and CSM-1101, Display Container ID always match when using MailStream Plus?
MailStream Plus will match these values if the job is not palletized.  Once the job is palletized then the field codes CSM-1006 and CSM-1101 will no longer match.
The Container ID : CSM-1006, must stay unique.  But the Display Container ID : CSM-1101 does not need to stay unique.  It is getting reset at the beginning of each new pallet.

When testing a ML TYP 3 L job:

The first Pallet record (P in CSM-1005) record have these values in the CSM-1006 and CSM-1101 locations:
Tthe first tray record has
The (P CSM-1005)  record for pallet 2 it has:
So this allows you to see where pallets start and end.  In the MSP software there is not a way to reset the CSM-1101 to match the CSM-1006.
UPDATED:  January 31, 2018