Information Consumer Merge/Purge can you set FLC file code options to only compare certain file codes to the purge/suppression file

UPDATED: February 1, 2018

A user had a job with FLCxxx parameters like this-

FLC001 301            HOUSEFILE SUPPRESS I
FLC002 734 08         CUST REACTIVATION PR
FLC002 736 09         CUST REACTIVATION PR
FLC006 600 AA         CROSS SELL NTM SEG 1
FLC006 601 AA         CROSS SELL NTM SEG 2

Positions 8-16 are the file codes.  The user only wanted the file codes that began with '6' to be compared to the FLC004 DMA-MPS Purge/Suppression file.

There is no option to set the job to only attempt to match to records whose file code begins with a certain number(s). 

You could put X on the file codes that start with other than 6 to disallow them as drivers and they wouldn’t match to the DMA file which also has an X, but then they wouldn’t match to themselves or any other non-6 file code with the X either.  

It would require multiple passes to get what was wanted.  Perhaps also run a job with just the file codes that start with 6 and the DMA file to get the DMA-MPS suppression.


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