Information about the MailStream Plus 8.3.5 S01 update

Product Feature: Update
Operating System: All Platforms

A recent MailStream Plus (MSP) communication had this information:
"MailStream Plus Release 8.3.5.S01 - Update for non-Machinable Flats being placed in FSS bundles and containers (MSPLUS-9657)
We have learned of an issue with MailStream Plus™ Release 8.3.5 that affects the sorting of non-machinable USPS® Marketing Mail flats, and non-machinable Package Services™ bound printed matter flats. MailStream Plus is placing carrier route qualified mailpieces into FSS bundles and containers, which is not allowed for non-machinable mailpieces. Software update 8.3.5 S01 is required for all clients producing mailings of USPS® Marketing Mail flats and bound printed matter flats that contain non-machinable flats.
This software update requires you to apply a new January Postal Reference File (PRF). An updated version of the January PRF is available from our Support site. If you have previously downloaded the January PRF, please replace it with this updated version. If you have already loaded the February PRF, please note that the February contains the required update and does not need to be replaced."
Do the MSP 8.3.5 Feb 2018 USPS Reference files contain the fix?
No, you will still need to install the MSP 8.3.5 S01 update along with the Feb 2018 USPS Reference files or updated Jan. 2018 USPS Reference files. The MailStream Plus USPS Reference files work alongside the software programs.
These are the updated programs:
Are the updated Jan. 2018 USPS Reference files available to download now?
Yes, the updated Jan. 2018 USPS Reference files were replaced on the website Feb. 8, 2018.
Does this apply to Non-Automation Flats?
Yes, if the P ATTR has an N in position 66 to designate the piece as Non-Automation or if MSP finds the P ATTR is Non-Automation compatible, these pieces could run into this problem.

Will the S01 update affect First-Class Flats mailings?

No, running a job with or without the S01 update should not change a First Class Flats mailing.  FSS does not apply to First Class mailings. 

UPDATED:  February 14, 2018