Determining the values in the Outbound Message Status column in EngageOne Deliver

Product Feature: Background Processes
Below is the list and description of possible values in the Outbound Message Status column in EngageOne Deliver database. 

For Email Message Status
TEMPORARY_FAILURE = Connection timed out, Resources temporarily unavailable, Out of memory. 
PERMANENT_DELIVERY_FAILURE = Mailbox Not Found, Invalid mailbox, Mailbox unavailable, Mailbox full or Quote Exceeded,Host unknown, Message too large. 
UNKNOWN_DELIVERY_FAILURE = Any unreported issue or exception 
OPEN = Message Opened (if tracking is enabled) 
REPLIED_ON = Message is replied (if reply workflow is enabled and profile setting is correct) 
CONTENT_FAILURE = CONTENT_FAILURE. Some issue with message content. 
DELIVERED_SUCCESSFULLY = Successful Delivery of email 

SMS Message Status
MESSAGE_UNKNOWN = The message ID is incorrect or reporting is delayed. 
MESSAGE_QUEUED = The message could not be delivered and has been queued for attempted redelivery 
DELIVERED_TO_GATEWAY = Delivered to the upstream gateway or network (delivered to the recipient). 
RECEIVED_BY_RECIPIENT = Confirmation of receipt on the handset of the recipient. 
ERROR_WITH_MESSAGE = There was an error with the message, probably caused by the content of the message itself. 
USER_CANCELLED_MESSAGE_DELIVERY = The message was terminated by an internal mechanism. 
ERROR_DELIVERING_MESSAGE = An error occurred delivering the message to the handset 
OK = Message received by gateway. 
ROUTING_ERROR = The routing gateway or network has had an error routing the message. 
MESSAGE_EXPIRED = Message has expired before we were able to deliver it to the upstream gateway. (No charge applies.) 
MESSAGE_QUEUED_FOR_LATER_DELIVERY = Message has been queued at the gateway for delivery at a later time. (delayed delivery) 
OUT_OF_CREDIT = The message cannot be delivered due to a lack of funds in your account. (Please re-purchase credits) 
CONTENT_FAILURE = CONTENT_FAILURE. Some issue with message content 
UPDATED:  June 11, 2018