Creating Document Interchange Journal (DIJ) through report definition in EngageOne Deliver

The requirement is to send emails without having to use the direct connection through EngageOne Deliver. The email can have a number of attachments. 

There are various ways to format the Document Interchange Journal (DIJ) file through the definition of a report to achieve this requirement.

Example 1:
Use an EngageOne Vault delivery channel.  EngageOne Deliver inputs are basically EngageOne Vault inputs as well, and this exposes the ability to make a DIJ.  This is an Accumulated-Batch option and there is no ability to define EngageOne Vault channel as Immediate.

Example 2:
Write a program that calls deliverDocumentWS, with return Files TRUE. This would give back the composed document using which you can for example make a REST call to EngageOne Deliver.  

In order to explore these options further, please contact Technical Support.
UPDATED:  June 11, 2018