How to use the EngageOne KeyMap Generator Tool in EngageOne Designer / Server.

Product Feature: EngageOne Key Map Generator Tool

To generate external keyed images for EngageOne Server the following steps needs to be followed:

1. Install the EngageOne KeyMap Generator.
2. Open the EngageOne KeyMap Generator tool.
3. Select the target Printstream.
4. Use Default Image Formats can be selected – if you leave this box checked, the appropriate image formats are automatically selected. If it is not enabled, then select as required.
5. Specify the Input Directory [Note - All Images placed in the input directory will be processed].
6. Specify the Output directory [Note - The key map file would be written to this directory].
7. Specify a keymap file name [Note - This is the name of the output xml file to be created].
8. Use Image Defaults [Note - This option can be unchecked and the chosen width, height and resolution of the image can be referenced].
9. Click on Run to create the key map file.

Note - If it is required to include additional images, the images have to be added to the folder containing all the existing images and a new key map file has to be created by the EngageOne Key map Generator tool. Once created, the key map xml file needs to be imported into EngageOneAdmin which would then overrride the existing key map file.

User-added image

UPDATED:  April 3, 2018