How to perform reprinting in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: March 5, 2018

The reprint feature was introduced in 5.5. This batch reprint capability allows Vault clients (Vault Service Client, the Perl client and the Service Web client) to submit reprint requests for AFPDS documents. These reprint requests are collected by the server until a Vault reprint.adm flag file is submitted. The flag file will cause the individual reprint requests to be consolidated into a single AFPDS output stream.

Follow these steps to perform reprinting of 'n' accounts:
  1.  Launch Vault client (for example Service Cleint), run 'reprint' on 'n' accounts. After this, 'n' AFP's and JRN's will be created in 'Vault\server\reprintinput' directory.
  2. Create 'reprint.adm' file, put any text (for example "testreprint") in the reprint.adm. This file must not be empty.
  3. Place 'reprint.adm' in Vault\server\process directory.
Loader picks 'reprint.adm' and a consolidated AFP gets created in the 'reprintoutput' directory under 'Vault\server' with the name testreprint.afp.


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