How to claim the Periodicals 5-Digit rate using MailStream Plus

Product Feature: USPS / Postal
Operating System: All Platforms

The rate in question falls under category C16 5-digit.  We have a different job on showing the 5-digit C16 category.  But our test file is dropping the C16 5-digit category and putting those pieces under C10 mixed ADC.

Why is this mailing using MailStream  Plus™(MSP) was not receiving the 5-Digit rate?
The job is a Periodical Flats mailing.
The file only has 47 records. 
The answer and explanation:
The presort is Nonbarcoded and none of these pieces in the presort are in 5–digit bundles.  Here are the USPS rules in the DMM 207.12.2 on how to qualify for this rate -
12.2 Prices—Outside-County
Outside-County nonbarcoded (Presorted) prices are based on the following criteria:
a.            Piece prices are based on shape, machinability, barcoding, and presort level. The presort level of the piece is based primarily on the bundle level of the piece, except the presort level of pieces loose in trays is based on the tray level and qualifying FSS scheme flats are based on presort levels prior to inclusion in the FSS scheme bundle.
b.            Bundle prices are based on the bundle and container sortation level except FSS scheme bundles in/on a FSS scheme container receives carrier route pricing; FSS scheme bundles in/on a FSS facility container receives 3-digit/SCF pricing.
c.            Container prices are based on the type of container (tray, sack, or pallet), the level of sortation of the container and where the container is entered except FSS facility containers and FSS scheme sacks or trays receive 3-digit/SCF pricing and where the container is entered, and FSS scheme pallets receive carrier route prices and where the pallet is entered.
DMM 207.22.2 -
22.2 Bundle Preparation
Mailings of entirely nonbarcoded flats meeting the criteria in 201.6.0 may be prepared in 5-digit scheme bundles according to L007 and in 3-digit scheme bundles according to L008. Prepare a bundle (except under 22.7) when the quantity of addressed pieces for a required presort level reaches the minimum bundle size. Smaller volumes are not permitted except in mixed ADC bundles and under 22.4. Bundling is also subject to 19.0. Preparation sequence, bundle size, and labeling:
a.            Firm (optional); two-piece minimum; blue Label F or optional endorsement line (OEL).
b.            5-digit scheme (optional); six-piece minimum; Red Label 5 SCH or OEL.
c.            5-digit (required); six-piece minimum; Red Label 5 or OEL; bundle labeling optional for pieces in full 5-digit trays
None of the zip codes in the mailing had the required 6 pieces for a bundle to a single 5-Digit or 5-Digit Scheme.  So MSP was unable to give the 5–digit rate because none qualified for this rate. 

***  This DMM reference is current as of Feb. 2018
UPDATED:  February 26, 2018