Information MailStream Plus PL FRC/MAX/MIN and CP FRC/MAX/MIN position 12 Subclass (Presort Type)

MailStream Plus™- all versions, all platforms
Using PL xxx parameters (PL FRC, PL MAX, and PL MIN) allows the mailer to control the weight/volume/number-of-containers on *non-commingled* pallets.  
 A non-commingled pallet has only one Subclass (Presort Type) of mail on it.  Position 12 allows you to select if the PL xxx parm is to affect just one of the listed Presort types, or the default is that it applies to all subclasses.
In the MailStream Plus™ (MSP) Guide for the PL FRC, PL MAX or PL MIN, it gives the possible values for position 12: 
Subclass (Presort Type) 
   Define the subclass (presort type:) 
     A Automated 
     U Machinable 
     N Non-Automated (manual) 
     E Enhanced Carrier Route 
     blank Default is all levels 


CP xxx parameters (CP FRC, CP MAX, and CP MIN) do not allow position 12 to be used.  It is marked as "Reserved" in the MailStream Plus™ Guide. That is because the CP xxx parms are used for "commingled pallets", which by definition are pallets that can have more than just one subclass (presort type) on them.  So for CP pallets it does not allow the position 12 option to specify that the parameter is for just one "Subclass (Presort Type)". 
UPDATED:  February 26, 2018