Information on the MailStream Plus 8.3.6 release

MailStream Plus 8.3.6, all platforms
Tentative information as of March 1 2018:

The release is currently scheduled for the End of March 2018.

No official announcement of the changes in it have been made yet.

REPORT MAILDAT will support Mail.dat 18-1 and 17-2.  17-1 will no longer be supported in 8.3.6.

Includes fix that was released in 8.3.5 S01, to not put non-Machinable Flats in FSS bundles for Package Services Bound Printed Matter and USPS Marketing Mail.

MSWKNRC record size increasing

Includes some Document and Software fixes. 

The 8.3.6 release is optional. But you must install this release to take advantage of software enhancements and fixes.  Please see the 8.3.6 Release Notes, available on the Web site.
UPDATED:  June 20, 2018