How to add Override Production (OPS) Setting in EngageOne Server

Software Affected: EngageOne Server, EngageOne Generate
Product Feature: Batch, Generate
To add Override Production (OPS) Setting in EngageOne Server (version 3.X) for the batch (EngageOne Generate) process:
1) Navigate to the EngageOne Server Generate folder.  The default path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\doc1gen" but this may be overridden with a custom path during installation.  If the Append.dca file doesn't exist in this folder, create a new text document with this name otherwise, edit the existing file.
2) Add any of the OPS settings found in the EngageOne Generate (PDF with installation files) Production Guide found in the section: Working with
Generate > OPS File.
3) No application server or system reboot is needed for the settings to take affect.
UPDATED:  March 19, 2018