Registering 'File List Source Transform' in Sagent

UPDATED: March 29, 2018

The 'File List Source Transform' extracts selected properties of a file and passes them to a plan. It is not available by default in Design Studio. Once registered using 'Sagent Admin', it becomes visible in the list of Transforms in Design Studio and can be used to create plans.

Use following steps to register this transform in 'Sagent Admin':
  1. Navigate to 'Sagent Admin > Repositories > Transforms > Manage Transforms'.
  2. Click on 'Import New'
  3. Select the 'file_list_source.tfm' file and it gets registered in the repository.
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PS: Ensure that all the three entries for CLSID has the same value. This transform is available since Sagent v6.8.1. For more details about using this transform, refer to 'File List Source' under 'Data Source Transforms' in the Transforms Reference Guide.

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Product Feature: Transform


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