Stopping a layer from being queried in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

The default behavior of Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) is to show information for all visible layers in the information panel. So, if any layer is visible on map, it is always queried.
However, there is a way to prevent specific layers from being queried. SSA allows for templates to be applied to each layer and this decides how the layer information is presented in the information panel. Attached is a template that's designed to hide the layer’s information altogether in the information panel. It can be applied to one or more layers that need to be hidden.

You can then follow this process:
  • Unzip the attachment from this article.
  • Place the html file HideMe.html in the folder C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\customerconfigurations\analyst\theme\infotemplates.
  • Open the SSA admin console and choose hideMe, from the Map Information Template picklist, for any layer that needs to be filtered out from displaying in the information panel.
  • Save the configuration.
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Products affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst.
UPDATED:  September 27, 2018