Learn about EngageOne Inform and the USPS Secure Destruction program

EngageOne Inform version 4.0 and later
The USPS scans some types of mail pieces (such as First-Class letters) as they go thru the USPS's delivery system. 
The scans provide data as to where the mail piece is at that date/time.   Sometimes a mail piece may get no scans, but generally will get a few or more scans as it progresses towards the Delivery Address.
The final scan a mail piece gets is generally the 'Delivery' or 'stop-the-clock' scan.  That scan does not actually mean the mail piece was delivered, but that it was scanned by the USPS scanning equipment located closest to the Delivery Address, and is expected to be delivered within a day or so.

EngageOne Inform (formerly called Mail360 Data Manager, and formerly called EngageOne Delivery Audit) is an application that uses the USPS data from those scans to allow mailers to track mail pieces and their delivery.

Secure Destruction (SD)
Per this link (link as of April 2018)- 
the SD program is " opt-in service, this new program securely shreds and recycles letter-size pieces of Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) First-Class Mail® with personal protected information that would otherwise be returned to the sender (RTS)."

The link above provides information about the program and the requirements for signing up for it with the USPS.

The purpose of the SD program is that if a mail piece cannot be delivered-as-addressed nor be forwarded, the mailer can choose to *not* have it returned to them, and instead be destroyed by shredding it.
When a mail piece is shredded, the USPS records that for the Mailer's information.  The EngageOne Inform application version 4.0 and later can be set to receive such SD scan data, and mailers can generate reports on what pieces were destroyed. 
UPDATED:  April 11, 2018