Bookings Form in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Bookings

The Bookings form is used to enter new Bookings, and to view and update existing Bookings.

The Bookings form is displayed when an Enquiry is entered with a Site and Subject which have a Booking Type assigned. When the Bookings form is accessed in this way it can be used to enter new Bookings.

The Bookings form can also be viewed from the menu item in the root of the Customer Services folder. When the Bookings form is accessed in this way,  it can be used to edit and update existing Bookings.

(0850 - Gang Allocation & Scheduling)

The Scheduling screen creates Booking records for each Job that is Scheduled to a Gang. The Booking screen can be opened by double-clicking the Booking Slot, or directly from the menu option.

The Bookings Form in Confirm

Booking Reference:An unique number up to 8 numbers. You may enter a reference, or leave the field blank to have the reference assigned from seed numbers.
Booking Type:The Booking Type is derived from the Enquiry Subject and may not be edited.
Booking Subtype:The default Booking Subtype will be entered (as defined in the Booking Type Lookup). You may select another Subtype by selection from the drop down list. The drop down list references the Booking Subtypes for the current Booking Type.
Quantity:The quantity to be applied in this Booking, of the Unit of Measure assigned to the Booking Type in the Booking Type Lookup.
UPDATED:  May 11, 2018