How to update the version of DOC1GEN in EngageOne using Websphere


Updating the version of DOC1GEN in EO Admin | System Information

1. Browse to "/server/websphere"> where EO_Install is your install Folder and locate the ‘EngageOne.ear’ file.

2. Make a backup of the EngageOne.ear file and keep for your archive.

3. Use a zip programme such as 7-zip [], to extract the file

4. In the extract, locate the file ‘eadmin.war’

5. Open this file using a zip programme

6. Locate the XML file: ‘EngageOneVersion.xml’

7. Open the XML file and edit the version of 'DOC1GenVersion' and save. This should save the XML file in the extract itself.

8. Copy the updated 'eadmin.war' file into the original 'EngageOne.ear' file

9. Copy and replace the 'EngageOne.ear' file in /server/websphere" folder. Keeping your backup copy somewhere safe.

10. Use Websphere Admin to update the existing 'EngageOne.ear' file with the one you edited.

EngageOneVersion.xml also contains the information about the version of EngageOne and the ActiveX component, and this is the version that will show in the Admin console, so if you need this to correctly reflect the versions of these modules in use, then this file may need to be modified.

UPDATED:  May 4, 2018