Finding a list of the required packages and dependencies for an on-premise EngageOne Video solution

The guide can be found after logging in to the Admin Portal.

The packages and runtime dependencies are specific to an on-premises environment (CentOS)
A list of the required packages and runtime dependencies that function as prerequisites for a successful EngageOne Video on-premises installation can be found in the EngageOne Video Installation and Configuration Guide.

A breakdown of the required packages and prerequisites can be found on page 11 to page 13.  Pages 54 to 57 further explains the database requirements as well as a list of the required runtime dependencies.

Although this information is of particular value to an installation with limited internet access, it's important to note that internet access is a required prerequisite of the EngageOne Video installation, as the installer needs access to the EPEL yum repositories.

The latest EngageOne Video Installation and Configuration Guide can always be located in the Online Help and Documentation section of the EngageOne Video management portal.  After logging in, head to the top-right of any section, and locate the question mark icon.  The top link is the online documentation, with a link to the most recently updated EngageOne Video Installation and Configuration Guide available for viewing or download under the 'On-premise' section of the documentation landing page.
UPDATED:  May 16, 2018