Understanding the Pitney Bowes Software and Data License Agreement

Products affected: Pitney Bowes Software and Data

The Pitney Bowes Software "standard" shrink-wrap license agreement is found here, although ultimately the licensing depends what a customers specific agreement allows,
Customers can distribute Data Output (including maps) for their internal business purposes -  see sections 4 and 5 in the License Agreement. 
For MapInfo products, the copyright statement would be:
“Copyright Pitney Bowes Software Inc. @ 2018 (or the current year).  All rights reserved.”  
There may be other copyright protection in place for data, depending what specific data customers have purchased.

 The US Federal government, however, does not typically purchase MapInfo Pro, etc. licenses under the PBS "standard" shrink-wrap, but rather via "GSA" or some other centralized agreement like "SEWP".
The concepts detailed above are the same, however, and the copyright notices are correct, 
Note that the license agreement may look unfamiliar to the customer if the customer didn’t license MapInfo Pro, etc. like a typical "commercial" customer.

 Users wanting more copyright info should refer to the MapInfo Pro User Guide, as all the respective data vendors’ copyright notices are listed there. 
If the customer is using a separate data set and that is the data being displayed in the users maps, then the user should be able to get the proper copyright notice of the vendor from that data set’s documentation as well.

UPDATED:  September 27, 2018