How to change the Pallet Maximum settings in a MailStream Plus job

Product Feature: Configuration

The settings to control the maximum pallet size is controlled by the CP MAX (for Co-Mingled mailings) and PL MAX (for not com-mingled mailings) parameters.
When you palletize by Bundle, using ALG PL P, you can adjust these:
Maximum Pallet Weight – use position 14 – 18
Maximum Pallet Volume – use position 20 – 24
When you palletize by tray or sack, using ALG PL B, you can adjust this position: 
Maximum Pallet Containers - use position 26 – 30
Each 2 foot or EMM tray is counted as 1 tray but 2 linear feet.  If you want 120 linear feet of trays on a pallet, you would set position 26 – 30 to 00060 : 
CP MAX                   00060
PL MAX                   00060
UPDATED:  May 2, 2018