Managing Personal Details in Confirm (GDPR) - video

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The following changes have been made in Confirm v18.1 to meet the GDPR requirements:

Clear Customer Details

The Clear Customer Details utility will now replace the Surname of the Customer with the date Customer details were cleared and the user who cleared them.

Clear Enquiry Details

The Clear Enquiry Details utility can now remove the Enquiry Location, Description, Text Attributes, linked Documents, Status Notes and Commitment Notes from all selected records. Contact field will be replaced with the date Enquiry details were cleared and the user who cleared them.

Make Customer details Anonymous

Users can make all the details of a customer in an existing Enquiry anonymous through the Confirm web interface by using the ‘Make Anonymous’ button.

Delete Enquiry Documents

Users can now delete document links of an Enquiry through the Confirm web interface. This can be done while editing an Enquiry through the Document preview pop-up.

Officer Location Cleardown

A new Officer Location Cleardown utility is available to allow deletion of historical location data of Action Officers from the database.
UPDATED:  May 11, 2018