Entering the URL for Spectrum OnDemand for driving regions or routing within MapInfo Pro version 17 or higher

For customers who have current Spectrum OnDemand subscriptions or accounts to create driving regions (drivetime or drivedistance polygons), entering the Spectrum OnDemand URL will generate an error saying the URL and credentials are invalid.

The new Drivetime Regions dialog within v17 uses a completely different interface and engine and connects to a different URL than the Spectrum OnDemand URL.  

Follow this process to enter the older Spectrum OnDemand URL for Routing or Driving Regions for use within v17:
  • Go to Home tab>Tool Extensions>Registered.
  • Find the tool listed named Drive Time.  Uncheck the box next to Autoload and click the icon directly to the right of Autoload to disable the new Drive Time option and dialog.
  • Next, go to Pro tab>Options>Web Services>Routing.  Click the button labeled “Routing Servers”.
  • Select Add and enter the Spectrum OnDemand URL for Routing along with a description, User ID, and Password.  Click OK completely out of the dialog and back to the main MapInfo Pro interface.
  • To access the older routing dialog, select Spatial tab>Regions>Drive Regions (Table).

Customers can sign up for the free monthly credit allotment to use the new Location Intelligence services such as Geocoding or Drivetime Polygons by going to Pro tab>Services>Sign Up Now.
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Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
UPDATED:  May 8, 2018