How to control what MailStream Plus puts into Mail.dat Field Code SEG-1101 when segmenting by batch

MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
The REPORT MAILDAT parameter position 40 has the option 'B', to segment by batch code.

'Batching' is done using the B CODE parameter.  MailStream Plus™ then looks in each input Name-Address record in the location/length indicated on the B CODE parameter, and all the records that have the same value go into separate batches and are presorted separately, similar to them being separate mailing jobs.

When segmenting the Mail.dat files by batch, SEG-1101 'Segment Description' gets populated by the actual batch code value that was found in the records.  
So for example, if the B CODE parameter in a job is set to be 9 bytes long, and there are Name-Address input records with the 9-byte string 'Mailing A' in the location indicated on the B CODE, then for that segment the SEG record will have 
Mailing A
for SEG-1101.

When batching and segmenting by batch, there is no option to have MailStream Plus populate SEG-1101 with something other than what is in the input records.  But by populating the input records with the desired batch code text, you can control what will go into the SEG-1101 field(s).
UPDATED:  March 15, 2019