Obtaining a specific data file format using the Software and Data Marketplace API get_products_info call

Products Affected: Software and Data Marketplace (SDM)
Currently, if a data product listed in the SDM has multiple data file formats, the call to: "get_products_info" having set: “limit=1”, may return an incorrect file type.

When setting the get_products_info with “limit=1”, only one delivery will be returned.
If a product is available with multiple formats, the desired format may not always be returned correctly.

Using an example of the product, "Auto Dealers", that data is available in four formats, and currently there are two vintages available.

If the call to get_products_info does not use “limit=1”, then 8 deliveries will be returned (4 for the latest vintage, and 4 for the previous vintage).

The shows how to loop through the list of all deliveries returned to find a specific delivery and format type.  Examine the get_urls function for details.
UPDATED:  May 11, 2018