Safely shutting down the Loader in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: June 8, 2018

The document loading process in EngageOne Vault is controlled by the loader functionality (e2loaderd).

This process takes the print stream and accompanying journal (if not using embedded tagged logical elements), and compresses the original document based on a set of instructions found in the profile for that document type.

Profiles.ini can be found in the root of the <EngageOne_Vault_Install>\Server folder, and contains a filemap and a detailed profile for each document being loaded.

Loading activity is not necessarily done in sequence.  This means that if the user deposits a number of print files and journals into the download folder, it would not always follow that each individual document and corresponding journal would be loaded and the relevant information added to the indexes before the next file was loaded.

It is likely that it may load several print files and create compressed files prior to building the indexes.  Any job is only ever complete when the loader log states that the index cache has been flushed for that specific document.

Because of this, the only safe way to stop the loader is to use suspend.adm, where the user would received a message in the loader log stating that loader activity has been safely suspended.

To use this process, a text file with some content (must not be a 0 byte file) is saved as suspend.adm, and placed in the server\process folder.  Simply "stopping" the Vault loader service in the Windows Services can lead to unpredictable results, and can negatively impact the Vault indexes if the stop occurred while indexing activity was taking place.


Environment Details

Product Feature: Loader
Versions affected: All


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