Why is the Parcel Select Lightweight NDC pallet being created under 100 pounds using MailStream Plus?

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: USPS/Postal
Operating System: All Platforms
ALG PL P      
Using MailStream Plus™ and running a Parcel Select Lightweight mailing, the pieces going to the default entry point have a  Network Distribution Center (NDC) pallet with only 13 pieces and weighing 10.66 Lbs.  Why is such a small pallet being created that is under 100 pounds?
Pallet 11          27075 NDC         13  13 Pcs, 10.66 Lbs, 0.47677 Cu Ft, 3.25 Ft
This small pallet was created because it is per the rules in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) reference 705.8.10.7.e:
8.10.7 Machinable Parcels—USPS Marketing Mail, Including Marketing Parcels 6 ounces or more, and Parcel Select Lightweight
e. Origin NDC (required); no minimum; labeling:
The pieces in Pallet 11 are on an Origin NDC pallet and the pallet has no minimum requirements.  
This DMM reference is current as of May 2018.
UPDATED:  March 12, 2019