Specifying records by file codes that will be treated as resident using Merge/Purge Plus

Product Affected:  Merge/Purge Plus
Product Feature: General
Operating System: All Platforms
Using Merge/Purge Plus when you only want records with specific file codes to be treated as resident, this can be indicated in the FLCnnn parameter using position 20.
Position 20-21 File Specific Options-
A two-byte combination that can cause all records with this file code from a specific input file (MPPINA, MPPINB, or MPPINC) to be either ignored or treated as “resident” records.
R    All records with this file code on the specified file will be treated as “resident” records; all records with this file code on other input files will be processed normally
FLC000 RRRRR     P R  Treat records as Resident
FLC001 NORMAL1        Process records normally
FLC002 NORMAL2        Process records normally
Being treated as “resident” names means that the name will not contribute to the comparison.
UPDATED:  September 20, 2018