More about adding a product to Cost Accounting

Products affected: Cost Accounting
When you add a product to your Cost Accounting subscription, the product will get a new cost account list. This list is shared among all of your assigned products.
Any cost account list stored on the product will be replaced by the shared cost account list. Before this happens, you can elect to Add cost accounts from a product into the shared cost account list or you can choose to Discard these cost accounts.
If you choose to Add cost accounts from the product, then those already in the shared cost account list will be discarded as duplicates. You can choose to use a duplicate cost account to update the shared cost account, if desired. In this case the shared cost account’s Description, Status and Password will be updated to the values held by the product.
Use the backup and export links on this Add Cost Accounts step to download cost account lists for review prior to finish. Open the downloaded files in a spreadsheet for best viewing. The downloaded files can be used as a backup to restore your cost account list if necessary. Use Import to restore the backup files.
UPDATED:  May 29, 2018