Log levels in EngageOne Server in 4.X

Following are the log levels in EngageOne :
  • INFO
  • WARN
In order to change the log level of a bundle, follow these steps:
1) Change logging.default.level to a level. For example 'WARN' or 'ERROR'
2) Stop the bundle (or corresponding service in Windows) corresponding to that bundle.
3) Reconfigure the bundle and start the bundle.

For more information refer to the section "Logging events" under EngageOne Server Administrator guide provided with the installation package.

With log level as 'WARN' or 'ERROR', It will wrap log file and make it roll every 24 hours to new one. In order to force EngageOne Server to cycle logs every day, alter logback-global.xml (<EO_Installation_Path>\<bundle>\conf\logging) as below:
User-added image

Only change is the addition of one new line: <prudent>true</prudent>. These settings can be implemented to any bundle (core, composition, conversion, notification and security). On modifying the setting, service corresponding to that bundle, needs to be started.

In case of clustered environment, there is a need to modify settings for each node.
UPDATED:  July 6, 2018