Optimizing EngageOne Content Author for performance

Software Affected: EngageOne Content Author
Optimizing EngageOne Content Author:
  • Use a dedicated server for EngageOne Content Author.  Other software running on the same server may slow the performance of EngageOne Content Author.
  • Avoid virtualization overhead.  Virtual Machines share resources with the host server thereby reducing the full capacity of the available resources.
  • Avoid distributed installations.  Network bandwidth may be a bottle-neck.
  • Follow the EngageOne Content Author requirements.  Additional memory, processor, disk space above the recommendation may increase performance.
  • Anti-Virus protection software may contribute to show performance.  A filter may be added, depending on the anti-virus software being used, that will not check EngageOne Content Author processes for viruses.
UPDATED:  June 6, 2018